This blog is an outlet for my silly little thoughts, art, and mental illnesses.

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definition: to shirk one’s work or obligations merriam-webster i have been doing a whole lot of nothing lately. i mean… no, i have been doing a lot, but my motivation for productivity is lacking exponentially. ya girls still in treatment. ocd treatment to be exact, and it’s really difficult. it’s so fucking difficult. i’m tired, […]


definition: trivial or very small lexico.com this will be a shorter post than i usually do, but i just wanted to share some quotes that i have stickied to my desktop. maybe you’ll enjoy them as i do. feelings will not kill you. no one has ever died from experiencing an emotion, but people have […]

buttress; thoughts on my diagnoses

definition // verb to provide evidence or information for (as a claim or idea) merrriam-webster when i was younger and got diagnosed with depression and anxiety, i was positively defiant. how dare they label me?? i was free and without labels and, frankly speaking, going through puberty so i was mad anyway. as i got […]